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What are the characteristics of good quality nylon mesh products

Good quality Nylon Filter Mesh for sales
Good quality Nylon Filter Mesh for sales
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What are the characteristics of good quality nylon mesh products
What are the characteristics of good quality nylon mesh products

Nylon mesh is widely used in industrial filtration, petroleum, chemical industry, printing and other products with complete specifications, excellent quality, and special specifications can be processed and customized. As well as screen printing, paint filtration, fishing and other industries. Nylon mesh has the effect of high temperature resistance and alkali resistance, while polyethylene mesh has the effect of acid resistance.


Nylon net production cost is higher than other fishing nets, so there are some phenomena of inferior quality in the market.


What are the characteristics of good quality nylon mesh products


Nylon mesh can be divided into three types: nylon monofilament mesh, nylon multifilament mesh and nylon multifilament mesh.


Nylon multifilament is easily confused with polyester mesh and polypropylene mesh. Nylon multifilament has good resilience, lighter weight, moderate softness of mesh, and polyester mesh is black glass ball after burning, with a clear taste.

The common fishing line is a kind of nylon monofilament. When the monofilament is close to the flame, it burns slowly while melting, with the smell of amide, and the ash is brown glass ball.


The appearance of nylon monofilament mesh is similar to that of nylon monofilament mesh, which is very thin and cannot be divided into strands, while the monofilament is relatively thick.


The specifications of woven mesh are mainly mesh number, wire diameter, hole diameter, width, etc. nylon mesh has different specifications because of its various types and uses


Generally speaking, the mesh number used for screening and filtration is 60-420 mesh, and there are corresponding ratio parameters between the wire diameter and mesh, the smaller the aperture is, the smaller the wire diameter is; the mesh used for fishing is larger.


It has the characteristics of high toughness, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and weather resistance, as well as the characteristics of good insulation and low lubrication coefficient.

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