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What are the management requirements for insect control net

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What are the management requirements for insect control net
What are the management requirements for insect control net

Insect control net covering culture is a new technology of environmental protection agriculture, which can increase production and practical. By constructing artificial isolation barrier on the scaffold, the insect can be excluded from the net, and the propagation way of insect (adult) can be cut off, so as to effectively control the transmission of all kinds of pests, such as cabbage caterpillar, cabbage borer, Plutella xylostella, aphid, beetle, beet armyworm, American leafminer, Spodoptera litura, and prevent the spread of virus diseases Hazard of.


What are the management requirements for insect control net?


1, prevent the long growth: seedlings have a long growth trend of rice seedlings, in the seedling 3~4 leaf period, every point with 15% Paclobutrazol wettable powder 12~15 grams plus water 5 kg spray.


2. Open the net and refine the seedlings: open the net in the afternoon when the adult population of the planthopper decreases. Transplant the planthopper after 2-3 days of refining. During the period of refining, timely use medicine to control the Planthopper and insist on transplanting with medicine.

3. Spraying fertilizer: when it is necessary to spray fertilizer, first level and stretch the insect prevention net. 2% urea solution is commonly used for fertilizer spraying.


4. Anti ash planthopper: before the film cover is covered with nets (when insects move in), before the net is removed and before transplanting, 2 mg of 2.5 PPG can be used for each point, 8~10 milliliters of the 50% rice powder and 2.5 ml of water can be sprayed with water.


5, prevention of seedling disease: before covering the net, the seedlings will be treated with 40% methyl cream, 40~60 grams of humacus powder, 4~5 kg water plus manual spray or water 2.5 to 3 kg mobile fog to control bacterial wilt and Damping off. When there were seedling blast and leaf blast, 75% Tricyclazole wettable powder was added to 2.5 to 3 grams of water per minute.


6. Frequently check and mend the leakage: prevent rats, dogs, cats, birds and other animals and strong winds from tearing the insect prevention net. After the damage, timely use medicine to prevent and control the ash planthopper that has been drilled in. Use tape to mend the broken part, and do not lift the net to expose the seedlings in the middle.

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