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Seedling raising technology of non-woven bag

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Good quality Nylon Filter Mesh for sales
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Seedling raising technology of non-woven bag
Seedling raising technology of non-woven bag
Plastic bags cause serious white pollution, but the plastic bag clay seedling device is still widely used in China, but there are many problems in this traditional seedling raising method, such as pit root, partial root and so on. Chemical fiber non-woven fabric seedling bag factory has been committed to the study of non-woven seedling container seedling bag, so what are its technical advantages?
The main thing of seedling raising is to have a good seedling raising device, which is its fundamental. The non-woven seedling container has air permeability and will not have problems such as root entanglement. In addition, the seedling in the non-woven seedling device will avoid squatting seedling stage, and the root growth is relatively rapid, and the ground part is also relatively rapid. This is mainly because the seedlings will form callus, and its internal continuous supply of nutrients, so that rapid growth, high survival rate.
Non woven fabric seedling bag is also known as "the revolutionary technology of forestry seedling". The main points are as follows: 1. The non-woven seedling device can prolong the seedling time and reduce the influence of season. 2. To reduce regional interference, the non-woven seedling device can prevent soil from scattering, and allow plants to absorb high-fat matrix, so that some places in arid and mountainous areas can also be forested. 3. In order to realize the integration of afforestation, we can transplant them to the mountains together and improve the efficiency by cultivating in a container under certain conditions. 4. The non-woven seedling device generally contains slow-release fertilizer, which can meet the growth of plants for 3 months, which is energy-saving and low-carbon.
If the non-woven seedling device can be popularized and used in the whole country, it will increase the area of artificial forest in China, and also play a role in promoting the development of forestry in China.
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